For Folk's Sake, Let's Have a Sing!

A National "folk choir" to keep the tribe together and singing during covid.

Nothing beats that surging feeling of singing together in a group - be it your local choir, the session bar or campfire. And nothing beats meeting up with the tribe at our beloved folk festivals. 

As luck (or science in this case) would have it, both experiences are forbidden to us at the moment. And it's been pretty sad and very tough for a lot of people. But wait! Zoom to the rescue! 

We can't meet physically, but here's an opportunity for you all - no matter where in the country (or outside it!) you live to take part in some harmony singing online. This is a chance to get together with our beloved folk family and sing! 

Due to the constraints of Zoom, we cannot all sing at the same time. You will only hear yourself and one other person. However I pledge to make the experience as interactive and fun as possible. Written music and sound files will be provided. 

You don't need previous experience. The music will be pitched at an easy level with more challenging bits for those who want that. There may well be special guests.

The songs will be in the broad spectrum of "Australian folk songs". Expect a diverse swag of songs that sing our country.

We will meet on 6 Friday evenings at 7.30 and sing for an hour. I will open the room 15 minutes in advance so we can "socialise". The cost of the sessions is $60 (that's only $10 per session) plus a small admin fee. On registering, you'll receive a Zoom link. And if you've never used Zoom, all you need to do is click on the link.


Top photo: The Mooncatchers choir sings online.

Bottom: A pre-covid "analogue" choir!  Photo by Joe Vandermeer, taken in Santiago de Cuba..

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