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These choir arrangements and teaching videos are yours to use for free!  I will add to this list as time goes on.  Remember they are only practise videos and not beautiful renditions.  Expect the occasional dodgy tuning and accidental deviation from the score.  Where an song is not mine I have attributed the author in the sheet music.  When passing on a song please attribute the author wherever possible and present the song in its context.  If you have a question please email me .  If there is no pdf it's because I don't have explicit permission to share the dots.  Happy singing!  

I've learnt a lot of songs and a lot about singing from Margaret Walters who is a fine unaccompanied singer and knows thousands of wonderful songs.  Here we are at a gig somewhere - The National Folk Festival, I think.  We are very serious people and do not like jokes.

(By Aunty Dyan and Uncle Ronnie Summers)

(By Jane Coker)

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